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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Gita is a generous contributor of her time, talent, and treasure to the
family childcare profession, children, and working families. Both she and her family have
for many years distinguished themselves as advocate, philanthropists, and benefactors of
quality childcare.

Gita has been providing quality childcare since 1991. The mission
entails the safety, emotional, social, and academic success of all children. Our staff members
use their many academic talents, early childhood education training, and skills for the
development and academic success of young children. PeekABoo is in business to:

  1. Provide children with early learning opportunities
  2. Help children develop skills to be successful in school and in life
  3. Help children learn to learn through play in a learning rich environment

Reflected in the mission statement is the servicing of children, working families, and
the community by providing and promoting the highest standards of integrity,
professionalism, and excellence in the family child care profession; working with local,
state, and federal agencies to improve the quality of child care services while advancing
collegial relations among child care providers.

Since 1991, PeekABoo has successfully offered quality childcare services.
Working families deserve childcare providers committed to supporting young children’s
growth and development. Finding the right childcare arrangement can be challenging,
especially in these difficult economic times, that is why the family lends their support
through the community.

— biswarup99

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