Ideally, kids should have two to three active play times every day. But you really don’t have to carve out tons of consecutive time to incorporate physical activity into your routine.

Instead of thinking of exercise as a separate, added activity, we try to weave spurts of movement into other already-scheduled activities during the school day:

  1. We have children act out a story as it’s being read to them.
  2. We encourage kids to move like different animals during transitions from one activity or room to another (hop like a bunny, walk on all fours like a bear, walk like a crab, swim like a fish, or come up with others).
  3. We break the curriculum up a bit by taking breaks during the day and have kids “take 5 or 10″ (minutes) to stretch, march around the room, do jumping jacks, or let them choose.
  4. We at PeekABoo check out the Healthy Habits for Life Resource Kit (from Sesame Workshop,, and Nemours) for super-fun, simple ideas for working physical activity into your classroom curriculum using Sesame Street characters.

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